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Latest Development in Blue world city Islamabad.

blue wrold city development updates

Blue World City (BWC) is a rapidly developing housing project near Islamabad, Pakistan, known for its modern infrastructure and various themed blocks catering to diverse residential and commercial needs. Here are the latest developments and highlights:

  1. General Developments:
    • BWC is moving forward with its grand plans, with significant progress in several blocks. The General Block, Overseas Block, Awami Block, and Sports Valley are all under active development. The project aims to provide a modern living experience with world-class amenities​ (Blue World City)​​.
  2. New Projects:
    • Sports Valley: This block is being developed to include a comprehensive sports complex, attracting both investors and sports enthusiasts​ (Blue World City)​.
    • Waterfront District: Pakistan’s first real waterfront district is part of BWC, offering scenic living experiences with modern facilities​ (Blue World City)​​ (Blue World City)​.
    • Hollywood Block: Designed for those seeking luxury and elegance, this block promises a high standard of living with exclusive amenities​ (Blue World City)​.
    • Shoaib Akhtar Enclave: Named after the famous cricketer, this enclave is part of the project’s unique offerings​ (Blue World City)​.
  3. Infrastructure and Approvals:
    • BWC recently received final NOC and layout approval from the Lahore Development Authority for its Blue Town Lahore project, marking a significant milestone in its development journey​ (Blue World City)​.
    • The project is now District Council approved, ensuring its legality and boosting investor confidence​ (Blue World City)​.
  4. Community and Lifestyle Features:
    • The project includes a variety of attractions such as the Blue Mosque, Rumi’s Square, horse mascots, a water theme park, and the BWC Tower​ (Blue World City)​.
    • Educational facilities, such as the flagship campus of Forces School, are also being developed to serve the community​ (Blue World City)​.
  5. Recent Events and Announcements:
    • A recent balloting event was held in April 2024, further advancing plot allocations and possessions within the society​ (Blue World City)​.
    • Continuous updates and advancements in various blocks keep the community engaged and informed about ongoing developments​ (Blue World City)​.

Blue World City is poised to become a significant real estate hub in Pakistan, offering diverse residential and commercial opportunities with a focus on modern amenities and community-centric features.

Blue World City, a prominent housing project near Islamabad, has detailed its development charges and payment plans for 2024. Here are the key points regarding these charges:

Development Charges

  1. Per Marla Charges: The management has set the development charges between PKR 100,000 to PKR 150,000 per Marla. This fee covers the cost of necessary infrastructure and facilities development within the community.
  2. Discounts: Investors who pay the development charges before taking possession of their property are eligible for discounts, making it a more affordable investment​ (Blue World City)​​​.

Payment Plans

  1. Transparency: Blue World City offers clear and detailed payment plans, ensuring investors understand all costs associated with their investment. The plans are designed to be unambiguous, allowing investors to see the breakdown of land costs and development charges separately.
  2. Installments: Payment plans include convenient installment options, making it easier for investors to manage their financial commitments over time​ (Blue World City)​​.

Additional Costs and Factors

  1. Construction Materials and Labor: The development charges are subject to change based on fluctuations in the prices of construction materials and labor. Economic conditions, including inflation, can impact these costs, but the management strives to keep them affordable​ ​.
  2. Amenities and Luxury: Despite the fluctuations, the development charges are considered cost-effective given the luxury and amenities provided within Blue World City. This includes advanced infrastructure, security, and modern facilities​ (Blue World City)​​ ​.


Blue World City aims to provide a cost-effective and transparent investment opportunity for both local and international investors. The development charges are essential for initiating construction and obtaining full property ownership. For more detailed information, investors are encouraged to visit the official Blue World City website or contact their customer service.