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Nova City Islamabad

With the development of The Nova City Islamabad, your investments are likely to grow exponentially in the coming few years, and maximum returns are guaranteed.

  • Nova City Islamabad

    Countryside Farms Islamabad provides a lush green dwelling with clean air and possesses tremendous green nurseries and perspectives.

  • Countryside Farms Developers & Founders

    Sim Builders, one of the most reputable and successful home builders, founded Countryside Farms Islamabad. They have over 1.5 decades’ worth of Excellence Services in the public domain.

    Nova City Islamabad

    The Nova City, Islamabad, is an upcoming and emerging real estate housing project in the federal capital. Basically, this housing society is developed to provide a central location between twin cities with state-of-art infrastructure at affordable rates. This project aims to target all budget genres of people of Pakistan. In the future, this real estate project is going to compete with the mega real estate projects of Islamabad, Pakistan. According to property insights, Nova City has a top-notch investment potential.

    Nova City Islamabad Owner & Developers

    The Nova City Developers are the Nova City owners and developers. The firm is well-known for its several real estate developments, its high-quality infrastructure, and timely delivery. Nova City Developers is owned by Mr. Junaid Afzal. They previously developed the Nova City School System, which is now active in New City Wah Cantt and other locations. They are now working diligently to create a state-of-art residential and commercial setting in the form of the Nova City Islamabad.

    Nova City Islamabad

    Book Your Plots at the Best Prices! Now you can book residential plots for sale in The Nova City, Islamabad.

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      Nova City Islamabad – No Objection Certificate

      In any housing community, as well as for investors, the No Objection Certificate (NOC) appears to be a vital issue. This is common since acquiring a NOC legalizes a lodging society and gives the enterprise a sense of stability. The Nova City NOC has been approved by the relevant department. It is now a respectable housing development with prime locations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Fateh Jang TMA has already granted Nova City NOC. However, the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has now approved it as well. Nova City Islamabad has been granted a NOC for 903 Kanal. It is time for society to work as swiftly as possible on its development. The ability to gain approval has propelled humanity to unprecedented heights of achievement. The entire marketing phase has now begun. It is now time for multinational corporations to form alliances to build international infrastructure in this country.

      TMA has reviewed the file tracking technique, according to the Nova City NOC Update, which further legitimizes the effort. TMA will keep track of the file’s status and prevent it from becoming corrupted once you’ve deposited it. This contributes to the real estate industry’s increased transparency. Before issuing a NOC, TMA will examine the payment plan as well as the project structure to guarantee that the investors do not lose money.

      Nova City Dedicated Interchange NOC

      An exciting news for the investors of Nova City Islamabad. Nova City has obtained approval for the establishment of a dedicated interchange from the National Highway and Motorway Police. Nova City faced some difficulties regarding transport and accessibility, but the developers and management were dedicated to eliminating this issue to provide its residents with a smooth and easy drive. The respective authorities paid a visit for an in-depth inspection to ensure all the safety protocols. After noticing the community dedication, Nova was granted approval for a dedicated interchange linked with the M-14 motorway. This development has opened the doors of opportunity for more investment and will result in an overall increase in the value of this society. The approved dedicated interchange provides a slip in and slip out to the society. With a direct access to New Islamabad International Airport, Hakla DI Khan Motorway and Rawalpindi Ring Road, the residents will now be able to enjoy a smooth transport with a direct exit and entry point. The investors can now look into Nova City Islamabad, not only for the investment purposes, but also for residential development.

      Nova City Islamabad Master Plan

      Nova City Islamabad master plan is developed on one vision – developing a futuristic residential and commercial setting but preserving the serene and natural views of the location. In a nutshell, the community is designed to offer modern living with a touch of nature. Highly skilled architects and engineers employ cutting-edge technology and techniques to elevate Nova City compared to all other housing societies in the twin cities

      The Nova City developers got assistance from internationally recognized developers to develop the master plan. In the pre-launching phase and for a while after launch, only residential plots were available for investment. Recently, commercial plots are also launched in the market which is also receiving an overwhelming response like the residential plots.

      One important thing investors should know is that the Nova City Islamabad master plan’s full form is not public yet. Because of the ongoing NOC procedure, the administration has not made it public. According to official sources, the community would adopt a division plan based on sectors, stages, and blocks.

      Nova City Residential

      Nova City residential plots for sale are available in the following sizes:

      • 5 Marla
      • 10 Marla
      • 1 Kanal
      • 2 Kanal

      Nova City Residential Plots Payment Plan

      Nova City’s owners have officially announced a  payment plan for investors and interested people. The price distribution of The Nova City as per plot categories. These residential plot cuttings from The NC are quite appealing and affordable, so it’ll be beneficial to avail prelaunch rates because the prices are going to rise in near future.

      As the prices of NC are quite affordable, the installment plans of NC are also very customer-friendly. On all plot categories, the investors can avail 40 monthly installments and 8 half-yearly installments.

      Nova City 3.5 MARLA Residential Plots

      Nova City Islamabad is a magnet for investors because this society is offering affordability & luxurious features. Keeping in view the attraction of investors, the management of Nova City leaped forward and has included a new plot category in the residential plots portfolio. Recently, the concerned authorities of this society have launched 3.5 Marla Residential plots to facilitate the investment vision of people with low budgets.

      The 3.5 Plots are offered in the state-of-the-art residential block of the society where all top-notch and advanced amenities will be provided. Right now, Nova City 3.5 Marla Residential Plots are the center of attraction for both investors and residents.

      Nova City 3.5 MARLA Residential Plots Payment Plan

      3.5 Marla plots in this society are a value for money investment. The plots are available for booking at just a 20% downpayment and can pay the rest in easy installments.  The total cost of 3.5 Marla Residential Plot is  1,275,000/- and booking starts from 127,500/-. After bookings, the investors can pay the remaining amount in 40 monthly installments. No doubt, 3.5 Marla plots in this gated community is a highly affordable yet profit-yielding investment and residential opportunity.

      Nova City Commercial

      Nova City commercial plots are the most recent launch of the housing society. Currently, commercial plots are available in two sizes:

      1.  4 Marla
      2. 8 Marla

      For now, these plots are available in very limited numbers and their prices are surprisingly low. There are just pros to investing in Nova City Commercial. If you are considering investing in some project where the returns are guaranteed, this is one of the best available options in twin cities.

      The master plan also gave the structure of the Nova City payment plan. Generally, the payment plan which is currently applicable on all plots are:

      1. 10% booking
      2. 10% on confirmation
      3. 40 monthly installments
      4. 8 half-yearly installments
      5. The remaining amount on possession

      To facilitate the residents even further, there is a 10% discount on 100% payment and a 5% discount on 50% payment. Moreover, there are 10% extra charges for category plots i.e. corner plots, plots in front of the main boulevard et cetera.

      Nova City Esportes Block

      Recently, the management of Nova City Islamabad has launched a fresh addition in the society with the name Esportes Block. This block is a new addition to society’s luxurious portfolio, and people are showing keen interest in this state-of-the-art block. This block is located at a premium location within the society and is easily accessible from the main entrance of the society from the CPEC route.

      As the name describes, Nova City Esportes Block features all the latest sports facilities. Here, the residents will be able to enjoy all sorts of domestic and international sports facilities, along with some recreational amenities. This block features sterling amenities for the resident like Nova City School, Cycling Tracks, Multipurpose football stadium, cricket stadium,  and much more. This block is the premium residential destination within the society where the residents will be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

      Esportes Block Plot Categories

      In this block, the owners of this society have offered the most demanded and anticipated residential plot categories. The plot categories are:

      • 8 Marla
      • 14 Marla

      Esportes Block Payment & Installment Plan

      As this block is in the pre-launch phase, the plots are available at pre-launch prices which are kept very minimal. Esportes Block Payment Plan is designed in accordance with the luxurious features offered here. 8 marla residential plot is launched at 40.40 Lacs and the booking amount is 8 Lac 10 Thousand PKR. 14 Marla will cost 67.50 Lacs and the booking starts from 14 lacs 25 thousand. As per Esportes Block Installment Plan, the remaining amount after the booking has to be cleared in 40 monthly installments.

      Esportes Block Development Update

      The concerned authorities of this society have organized the inauguration ceremony of this top-notch block on 9th January 2022. The launch event was performed with full zeal and zest and investors have shown a huge interest in this block.

      Nova Group has held the introduction function of Esporte Complex alongside the initiation ceremony of Badminton Court and Football Court. The development work in this block has started and it’ll be fully developed soon.

      Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block

      The management of Nova City World has introduced a new Overseas Block. This block is a new addition to the Nova City Masterplan, which is intended for Pakistanis living abroad. The Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block would have all of the modern amenities to provide investors with a comfortable living environment. It’s a well-designed, modern gated community with state-of-art amenities. This location will have cutting-edge construction, a safe and clean living environment, and, most significantly, inexpensive plots.

      Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block is reserved for Pakistanis who have developed a higher standard of life and a desire for lavish amenities while living abroad. A limited number of residential and business plots are offered in Nova City World on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a fantastic opportunity for Pakistanis living abroad to invest in Pakistan safely and affordably. Overseas Block is located next to the society’s central park, which is planned to be 400 Kanal in size.

      It’s a new construction offering new residential and investment prospects. This latest development will undoubtedly answer the property needs of society’s investors and buyers. There are three different-sized residential sites available. All of these plots have been meticulously constructed to allow customers to receive the property that best suits their needs. There are only a few plots sizes available in Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block are as follows:

      • 5 Marla
      • 10 Marla
      • 1 Kanal

      Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block is a successful investment since its developers are strong and complete projects on time. When it comes to location, the Overseas Block is unbeatable because it is in the heart of the city, close to a 400-acre park. When it comes to the facilities and infrastructure that Nova City Islamabad provides, the Overseas Block Payment Plan appears to be affordable. Here are the prices and payment schedule:

      Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block Payment Plan

      The society’s inventory has expanded with the inclusion of Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block. It’s a brand-new block that’s been announced to provide investors with something ideal and advantageous. It’s a new house development that’s in a great location. This project, which has been thoughtfully designed under current trends and concepts, includes all of the top-tier amenities found in modern communities. All of the plots for sale in Nova City are quite reasonably priced. The Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block is significant since they include advanced attractions. Also, these plots have a lot of potentials and come with a lot of advantages. The costs of Overseas Block plots have been kept low to make purchasing easier for everyone.

      Nova City Location

      Nova City is located at a prime location in the federal capital. This area is highly lucrative for travelers because it is a few kilometers away from the New Islamabad Airport. All these geographics adds up to the value of Nova City, Islamabad, and the residents and investors will enjoy easy access to the main cities and close transportation facilities.


      This scheme has a main entrance that is accessible from the Rawalpindi Ring Road, and the backside of this area is also linked with the CPEC Route. Also, one of the main entrances of this scheme is on the Bongo Kanial road.

      It is right next to CPEC Ring Road Interchange. Also, this housing society has easy access to the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 motorway, therefore this project offers a central and secure living.It is at the center of twin cities and easily accessible from both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The estimated time to reach Rawalpindi and Islamabad from Nova City is almost 31 minutes and 26 minutes respectively. Many famous destinations are located near this real estate vicinity.

      The nearby places and landmarks near the Nova City, Islamabad are:

      • Capital Smart City
      • Blue World City
      • Top City-1
      • Fateh Jhang
      • Eco Housing
      • Expo Centre
      • ASF Flats
      • Attock


      This splendid real estate venture owns the crown of a central location in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This area is accessible from twin cities and other nearby areas in the following ways.

      • Right next to the main CPEC route
      • Almost 3 minutes drive away from Kanal
      • 9 minutes drive from Dhok Korak, and almost 8 minutes drive away from N-80, Qutbal, Attock
      • Almost 25 minutes drive away from M-2 Motorway
      • Almost 31 minutes drive away from Rawalpindi
      • 21 minutes drive away from New Islamabad International Airport
      • Almost 26 min drive away from Islamabad
      • Right next to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange

      Why Invest in Nova City?

      The NC is one of the amazing upcoming real estate ventures that has a great investment potential. This society is going to deliver a promising future to residents and investors in terms of infrastructure, convenience, quality neighborhood, amenities, lifestyle, and long-term revenue generation.

      With all the attractive features, beautiful landscapes, and elegant design structures, not only the beauty of Nova City is enhanced but also Nova City’s worth has increased. In short, prime location, secure and gated atmosphere, efficient sewerage, standard educational facilities, etc. are all those features that buyers look for when buying a residential property.

      Right after entering into the developmental phase, all the future extension plans of this project would increase the buyers’ demand, which in turn would increase the demand of this project, and eventually, it’ll benefit the investors in terms of return on investment.

      Nova City Booking Process

      NC offers an easy booking process by keeping in mind the convenience of investors. Here are the easy steps of the booking process.

      • The investors have to pay almost a 10% down-payment for their desirable plot.
      • After the down-payment, the investor has to pay 10% confirmation charges.
      • Then, to get the procession of the plot, the investor has to pay 40 monthly installments.

      DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR RESERVATION OF A PLOT IN THE NOVA CITY. For booking a plot in this amazing residential project, you need to provide the following documents:

      • Copies of computerized CNIC
      • Passport size photograph
      • Front and back of next of Kin’s CNIC
      • Copies of receipt of confirmation fee and down-payment

      Terms & Conditions

      Here are some terms and conditions that you have to keep in mind while following the booking process of plots in Nova City Islamabad.

      • In case the investor fails to confirm the plot in 45 days, then the property cancellation will take place automatically. In this situation, 75% amount will be refunded to the investor, within the tenure of six months.
      • The investor will get a 10% discount on full payment and a 5% discount on a 50% payment of the property.

      Recent Developments in Nova City Islamabad

      There is a lot going on at the site of Nova City Islamabad. Here are the highlights of some of the recent developments on the site.

      • 65 to 70 percent cutting procedure done. Machinery working on-site day and night
      • Sports complex inauguration scheduled in upcoming days. World-class complex with both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Indoor court and grand tennis courts, football court, and a basketball court. Fully functional already
      • Parking and some roads are complete
      • Mosque construction underway
      • Both indoor and outdoor gyms complete
      • From several parks planned in Nova City master plan, 2 parks are completed
      • Order placed to import water filtration plants
      • Cutting of Nova City Commercial plots for sale also underway
      • Nova City Islamabad NOC application is also under view by concerned authorities


      The management of NC is concerned about the provision of standardized educational facilities within their residential project. Many specialized schools & colleges will be developed to facilitate residents with quality education.


      The residents of NOVA CITY are going to enjoy standard and world-class health facilities. Throughout the area, many clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies will be developed where trained doctors and para-medic staff will serve.


      Society is eager to provide all sorts of entertainment and recreational facilities to the residents like a zoo and multiple parks. The developers of the city have planned a top-notch zoo and beautiful park within the premises of NC.


      The NC will be a great location for shopping destinations including all sorts of grocery stores, malls, and supermarts to facilitate residents. Soon it’ll be a commercial hub. 


      Nova City Islamabad has an appealing infrastructure along with modern facilities and luxuries including a Main Entrance & an amazing Outlook, Wide Main Boulevard, Wide Roads, easy accessibility.


      In NC safe and secure environment is maintained with all means like security guards, CCTV footage, a central security system.  Also. 24/7 gas, water, and electricity supply will be ensured.

      Book Your Plot ONLINE & Get Exciting Discounts!

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        Nova City Frequently Asked Questions

        Where are Countryside Farms Located?

        Countryside Farms Islamabad lies near Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi around 14km away from Giga Mall and less than a kilometer off of the Ring Road interchange.

        Where are Countryside Farms Located?

        Countryside Farms Islamabad lies near Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi around 14km away from Giga Mall and less than a kilometer off of the Ring Road interchange.

        Where are Countryside Farms Located?

        Countryside Farms Islamabad lies near Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi around 14km away from Giga Mall and less than a kilometer off of the Ring Road interchange.

        Where are Countryside Farms Located?

        Countryside Farms Islamabad lies near Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi around 14km away from Giga Mall and less than a kilometer off of the Ring Road interchange.

        Where are Countryside Farms Located?

        Countryside Farms Islamabad lies near Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi around 14km away from Giga Mall and less than a kilometer off of the Ring Road interchange.

        Where are Countryside Farms Located?

        Countryside Farms Islamabad lies near Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi around 14km away from Giga Mall and less than a kilometer off of the Ring Road interchange.